Thursday, 25 July 2019

Conservation Needed For Pangolins

I the Wildlife Conservationist, Based in the Greater Mara Ecosystem (6,645 kms square) that is comprises of Maasai Mara National Reserve and the Community Conservancies spearheaded by MMWCA Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association. I call upon everyone lets care for the
species found in Kenya that are targeted by the demand in the Asia, As the research shows that Pangolins are the most Trafficked Mammal on earth due to black Market demand.

Using the Citizen Science model, We approached the Community volunteers to trained them in different villages on how to take data in the field about any species they come a across in unprotected area near their villages, since the Formation of Maa Silver Research of Flora and Fauna in Maasai Mara in 2011, local Maasai Youth who join this volunteering youth group for nature become Professional Guides now in Many different company and working in the field conserved as they led Tourists in the Ecosystem by contributing Data to the Village Center.

Through Community Forums, We learned that there are Eight Species of Pangolins. Four species in Africa and Four other species in the Asia listed below;
1. Chinese Pangolin   Manis pentadactyla
2. Sunda Pangolin - Manis javanica
3. Indian Pangolin - Manis crasscaudata
4. Philippine Pangolin - Manis culionensis
5. White Bellied Pangon - Phataginus tricuspis
6. Black Bellied Pangolin - Phataginus tetrapadactyla
7. Temminck Ground Pangolin - Smutsia temminckii
8. Giant Ground Pangolin - Smutsia gigantea

I propose to the volunteers in different areas in the Ecosystem, as we monitored all other species both Endangered, Critically endangered and Vulnerable species. Its really great we collect data of this critically Endangered species on earth.
Photo by Loinyo a Guide, taken near Musiara Airstrip.
If any got a picture in the field send to me or share to Maa Silver Research on Facebook.
Lets Conserve, Stop the poaching manace and the Market. its not true that Pangolins scales is a medicine its true that same keratin of your nails.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Green Clean Mara CBO

This is the Community Environment Organization base in Mara established 2017. We have partnered with more than 10 Schools, around Maasai Mara and planted so far Three Thousand Trees. Mission to go Greener in our schools and Mara Ecosystem to be clean and green. Lives flourish when trees breathed we breath also a fresh air.

We can stop Desertification on our Planet Earth if we all come together and plants Trees? For a person to breath you need 10 Trees, How many Trees do we need to satisfied 7 Billions population of People leave a long with other species?

We have also installed Biogas, to a Maasai Village to safe dangers of Homestead owners to frequently walk to fetch firewoods and endangering the lives due to Wild Animals in the Wildness.

We appreciated the Israeli Embasy in Kenya, Funskids, Netfund and Narok County for all their  cooperation to make the 2019 Sekenani Environment success. All are Welcomed always.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Climbing the High Sea Levels for Nature

Nature is a amazing, here in Maasai Mara Oldarpoi Ngama Hills.
You get to understand more on Botany and Wildlife conservations storytelling from the native and passionate Guides.
Galati From Australia Wildlife Photographer.

Tukai the Cultural Warrior and Luka the Tour Guide, Conservationist and ICT Tutor.

Knowledge is power, Not only spotting Animals; Famous Big Five but you mingle with warriors educating different nationalities about Flora and Fauna.

As a way of Give back, we all share and create awareness to the society by training wildlife clubs in schools.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Community Knowledge Center

On the month of January 2019, I partnered with Sekenani Community Center through Maa Silver Research of Flora and Fauna introducing Information Technology Essentials to young upcoming generations mission and goals to eradicate poverty, Unemployment and create awareness of Technology to use it as resolution to led marginalized communities to emerging innovations.

We introduce youth Technologies like #IOT Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Cutting Edges Technologies in the world of Innovations.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Nashulai Maasai Warriors Training

Hands up School Trips 5 Days Oldarpoi Nashulai Maasai Conservancy.

A group of 25 Students and their teachers arrived to Oldarpoi Mara Camp.
for a trip to learn our culture and explore our beautiful Sceneries of our greater ecosystem in Nashulai Maasai Conservancy.
The Iceberg started by  welcoming songs from Maasai warriors. 
welcoming all our guests to our ecotourism Oldarpoi Mara Camp and clients can join the warriors welcoming songs 
as our cultural hospitality in our culture in Maasai community.

Day 1. 7/04/2018

Hiking in Ngama Hills 2200 meters above sea level, mission to learning flora and fauna with Maasai warriors who are more 
knowledgeable in ethnoveterinary knowledge of the Maasai people.
Reaching the peak of the Hills, we had a Maasai Olympics games which we usually term it 
“Maasai Warriors Training in Nashulai Maasai Conservancy” 
whereby we trained them  the techniques of throwing Maasai Clubs or Rungus;
For instance Different ways of throwing short distances and long distances.
We show them on how to hold and throw real Maasai spears shown by  Maasai Warriors.
inally how to use Maasai Arrows and Bows to aim a target when shooting the Arrows..
While explaining Ceremonial plants like Leleshwa or wild Camphor plant. Many questions arise on how the Maasai uses
 the above plant when Warriors living in the wilderness.

Throwing the Clubs or Rungus in Maasai Olympics games is decades practice of young teenagers and Warriors in the field
and it need a lot of practices, so everyone needed to pay a lots of attention for the lessons.

Day 2  Community Projects in the community school

After dinner, we always as a model in our campfire, Maasai Warriors set a side storytelling sessions to clients in the camp. 
We tell Maasai culture stories, Maasai Origin stories and stories of Wildlife in our Maasai Mara ecosystem. 
We also exchange cultures across different nationalities. 
Our first story told by the Maasai Elder was “Rite of Passage” how a young teen in Maasai gradually change from childhood to adulthood.
During morning hours we had a school visitation to interact with school children and our clients join community work by painting 
and clearing the field by slashing.
playing with school children and other volunteering trained in classes.

Day 3 Nature Walk to track animals in Nashulai Maasai Conservancy
We also training warriors on how to track animals in the field, We did our introduction on how to track by keenly following the animals tracks. 
We selected two different groups to compete on identifying animals tracks and spotting animals in the distance and the end of our tracking 
walk with the help our trainers which group has spotted and tracked many animals.
Amazing news we got the King of the Jungle foot tracks the Male Lion, The largest  land Mammal the Elephants
 and many plains animals like Zebras and Giraffes.
Day 4 Safari with Picnic lunches for long Day Game spotting in Maasai Mara National Reserve.
We all as Maasai warriors passionate to spot all the Big Five animals in the world famous Maasai Mara national reserve.
 After a successful warriors training, evening storytelling and Wildlife animals tracking sessions. 
Now another big day to start a safari upto Mara River, 
where the spectacle natural phenomena of Wildebeests migration crossing annually happened. 
The luckiest day we had after we spot the big cats like Lions, Cheetahs and even be able to spot the 
endangered species of Black Rhino near the adjacent Main gate Sekenani.